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Knjiga: Seaplanes of Bocche

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Naslov: Seaplanes of Bocche (The Story of Austro-Hungarian Naval Aviation in Southern Adriatic 1913-1918)

Autor: Boris Ciglić

Izdavač: Jeroplan Books, Beograd, 2014.

Jezik/pismo: Engleski/latinica

Format: A4 (21 x 29)

Obim: 144 stranica

Iz prikaza knjige: 

Bocche di Cattaro, the isolated, heavenly corner of the Austro-
Hungarian Monarchy, was the most important naval base of the Central Powers in the Mediterranean during the Great War. Along the mighty dreadnoughts, battle cruisers and U-boats, it housed a new breed of weapon – the seaplane. Beginning from a shed in Teodo, then an olive grove in the tiny village of Kumbor and later, out of a solid and well-equipped base and forward flying stations in Durazzo and Gravosa, Austro-Hungarian naval airmen played a major role in the conflict of unprecedented proportions in human history. This book tells the forgotten story of their hardships, sacrifices, friendship and successes, from a modest start over frightening Montenegrin mountains, over daily actions against Entente forces in the Southern Adriatic, until the bitter end of the once mighty Empire, and resurrection of its former naval air arm within the new South Slavic Kingdom. It is drawn on archival sources, as well as privately-owned documents from Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, United States, France, Germany, Slovenia, Montenegro and United Kingdom, and contains many previously unknown or long unplaced facts, 33 aircraft profiles and 189 authentic photographs from the epoch, most of which are published here for the first time.


Knjiga: Seaplanes of Bocche

3.200,00 рсд

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